People in France are willing to pay for digital material.

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The advertising vs free content paradigm appears to have hit its limitations, and Internet consumers are becoming irritated.

According to a survey conducted for Stripe by worldwide market research firm YouGov, 55 percent of French consumers are prepared to pay for digital content, with movies/TV (41%) and music (28%) being the most popular (11 percent ).

This tendency is even more pronounced among those aged 18 to 34, with 76 percent prepared to pay for digital material.

It was especially highlighted during the epidemic, with 20% of those polled claiming to have consumed more sponsored material.

While the advertising model of providing free information to the general public has been the standard since the dawn of the Internet, it is now being called into question as new technologies allow for the creation of alternative models.

New payment infrastructures, the democratisation of mobile payments, and the rise of application programming interfaces (APIs) have all contributed to the emergence of content that is more in line with audience expectations, promoting higher-quality creations for which consumers are now willing to pay.

A growing sense of exhaustion in the face of advertising and the plethora of subscriptions

Advertising on the internet appears to be distracting French internet users from reading online content.

Indeed, half of them (49%) feel that the quantity of advertising on the internet encourages them to learn less on the internet, compared to 46% who believe it does not bother them.

As a result, the traditional media funding model is increasingly at odds with the core goal of reaching a larger audience. Furthermore, advertising is not the sole driver of deterioration in Internet users’ experiences.

Another issue is the number of memberships required: 48% of French respondents would prefer to pay for a single subscription that gave them access to numerous sources of information.
This is especially true among the young (18-24 years old), who choose this option by 57 percent.

In the face of conventional media, the emergence of independent creators

The French haven’t completely abandoned free internet access. A vast majority (77%) of people choose to use free social media sites like Twitter or Facebook rather than pay for an ad-free internet experience.

The content providers on these platforms, on the other hand, instil considerably higher expectations in young people than the mainstream media. Indeed, 43% of 18-24 year olds said they’d want to hear more independent producers’ voices rather than conventional media (18 percent ).

The new monetization possibilities available on platforms devoted to content producers, on the other hand, allow them to diversify the modes of compensation for their work rather of relying just on advertising revenue.

The large platforms, in a bid to keep the finest artists in their midst, are following suit and providing an increasing number of monetization options.

International systems such as Substack, Clubhouse, Patreon, Spotify Anchor, or Twitter with Ticketed Spaces, as well as French startups such as Snipfeed, allow creators to pay themselves directly to their audience instead of attempting to attract as many people as possible to get compensated. on the revenue from advertising

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