What is Word Press used for?


Word Press is used by:

  • Non-commercial organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Individuals (customization, freelancing, etc.)


Word Press is used by over 100 million people on over 200 million websites. Word Press also powers just about every site you might like to visit.

Did you know?

Word Press is used by just about everyone (including bloggers) on the web? Over 1,000,000 people use Word Press daily! Word Press already has more visitors than any other content management system (CMS) in 2016, the average Word Press website has 10,706 pages. In 2017, the average Word Press website has 1,100,894 pages.

How much do Word Press developers make?

The Word Press community recognizes the talent of the Word Press developers. Word Press uses its developers as ambassadors for the platform.

What is Word Press’ API?

An intuitive API allows you to call third-party services directly from Word Press, providing developer-centric transparency with added simplicity.

The Word Press API is comprised of the interface, the PHP wrapper library, and the associated tools and resources. It is intended to be a set of unmodified Word Press functions and plugins that are consistent with the standard Word Press ecosystem.

What is Word Press used for?

People continue to build applications using Word Press, and millions of websites are successfully powered by this free and open source blogging platform. In fact, if you want to learn more about Word Press, this eBook is a great place to start.

Word Press was originally designed to help people share information on the internet, but it has gone way beyond that. Word Press is used for everything from small business management to web hosting. With so many features, this platform is awesome for anyone who wants to build something out of nothing and get it out into the world.

Download Word Press for Free

If you’d like to dive into Word Press for the first time, we recommend you to go to their original website and sign up there.

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